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((( &lt;3  ))) Faith ((( &lt;3  ))) 
Digital Art by Samsahra Lee.

Image: Dragon Queen braid tutorial (from Faerie Magazine’s current issue) by Mirish - Miranda Hedman 
Digital Art by Samsahra Lee
A Positive Affirmation for Self-Expression

"I connect with and express my true voice in life.

It feels good to have my inner light moving through me and into the world.

I have the courage to express my beliefs and values in my words and actions.

I have integrity and stand up for that which I believe in.

I call upon the power of my own heart and strength of my will and allow my individuality to shine.

My words, deeds and creations are illuminated.

I sing the song of my individuality to be heard across the land!

It’s my time to shine!”

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A Positive Affirmation for a Sense of Belonging, Family & Community.

" I feel a sense of genuine connection to who I am and where I am from.

I honour and explore the energy of family in the truest sense of the word.

My family and others on my path have all played a unique role in the weaving together of my life, dreams and experiences in this world.

I investigate beliefs I have acquired from family and culture.

I notice what aspects support me and what aspects restrict me.

I choose to only maintain beliefs that serve me.

I recognize and appreciate each individual, including myself, as a vital spoke in the greater family wheel.

I feel safe within my circle of family and feel a deep sense of belonging and the freedom to be unique.

I play my part in the whole simply by being myself.”

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Affirmation for Positive Perspective, Truth, Knowledge & Clarity

"I envision beyond my physical reality into the field of all possibilities.

I seek new knowledge and expand my perception of reality.

I see myself and others as spiritual beings on a journey.

I take pleasure in being part of the ongoing development of Universal consciousness.

Through introspect I grow to understand myself and others.

I take time to self-reflect, journal, meditate.

I let go of all restricted ways of thinking and seeing things.

I am open to ‘not knowing’ and ‘not understanding’ some things.

I acknowledge new ideas and allow myself to evolve and my place in the world to unfold.

I look for the positive in all people and situations.

I look for the beauty in life and it reveals itself in and to me.

Everyday I take a fresh look at myself and the world I am creating.

I seek deeper meaning and underlying truth.

I call upon my inner eye to see the highest truth.”

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((( &lt;3 ))) Transformation ((( &lt;3 ))) ~ By Samsahra Lee.
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An Affirmation for Postitive Relationships

"I recognize the Divine within each individual including myself.

I see others in their highest light and I also acknowledge myself within this light.

I honour the beauty and the sacred in my relationships.

I am grateful for the gifts within each one.

I empower myself to be with those that inspire me and to inspire those I am with.

I recognize that each relationship is a mirror reflection and a doorway to greater realization of my true self.

I support myself and others to grow and shine!”

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An Affirmation for Helping you Re-establish your Personal Boundaries

" I speak up when I need to and stand strong in who I am.

I am clear about what is right for me.

I am aware of other people’s boundaries.

I direct my energy towards feeling strong and confident in myself.

I take responsibility for my own energy.

I communicate truthfully what is right in front of me and I encourage others to do the same.

With centered boundaries of my true self, I radiate with self-confidence.

From this place of genuine empowerment, I feel content and happy by just being me!”

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